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Shark Repellent --

[Key West, FL 11-25-16] -- Blue Planet announces the availablity of its new and exclusive BP-DNA Shark Sneeze Shark Repellent (tm) which provides effective protection from shark attack in emergency situations for people in life vests and emergency rafts.

June 2, 2021 -- Now upgraded with two types of metal flakes. Large size upgraded to 4 magnets and Medium size to 2 magnets.

Dog Repellent & Scent Eradication --

[Key West, FL 05-16-19] -- Blue Planet announces the availablity of its new and original DogSneeze Dog Repellent (tm) at which provides protection from dogs and to kill dog scents.

Blue Planet Chemical Corporation, 2011 Flagler Ave., Key West, FL 33040, is a registered dba with the Florida Secretary of State and a division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc., 1107 Key Plaza 306, Key West, FL 33040-4077.
BP-DNA Office: 305-570-1188 Blue Planet Toll Free: 1-800-518-1206.

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